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Welcome to Campbell Communications
Campbell Communications is a full-service editorial playground located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Writer Don Campbell has been actively and professionally engaged in the publishing industry since 1987 and can provide a variety of editorial services:
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Consultation
  • Education & Workshops
  • Project Management
Facing extreme deadlines is a way of life here at CamComm, for which we take a decidely Zen approach. We pride ourselves on accurate work, a strong writing voice, flexibility, thick skin, and the ability to work closely with clients to deliver copy that isn't mere words shoveled by the pound, but effective communication.

On this site you'll find an array of sample stories that cover a range of writing: travel, corporate, newspaper, magazine, and a reasonably self-indulgent section called Music that includes information about work we do in that arena (i.e., composition, production and performance).

Enjoy yourselves. And stay in touch.

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