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In addition to freelancing, Campbell also does extensive corporate writing and editing for Nike, Inc., Waggener Edstrom, Communique Public Relations, Outward Bound USA, and others. He is also involved in teaching writing.

When not writing, Campbell is involved in music, both as a touring professional musician and as a producer, songwriter, music publisher and digital engineer with a company called Aledonja. He lives with his wife of 24 years, Lee, and 22-year-old daughter Brenna, a Portland State University college student. He takes full advantage of the Northwest's broad range of outdoor sports and activities.

We have come to rely on Don Campbell for a wide range of projects, including press releases and media alerts, contributed articles and speeches. He brings a fresh perspective, clear thinking, and a deep knowledge about many subjects to his writing. Don's talent is unmatched from our perspective. And most importantly, he is someone you enjoy sharing a beer with. - Jennifer Gehrt, Communiqué Public Relations

Don was my go-to writer at The Oregonian, doing some of the best work on what was then the best newspaper features section in the country. He brought a sharp mind, effortless writing and easy editing to every assignment, and was one of those rare journalists who was always on time and never dull. - Mark Wigginton, Senior Editor/Features, The Oregonian (1995-2000)

Now this boy can think; can put himself into YOUR shoes. He knows what has to happen in the capture of your best material, but in a context of truth. But he's not worried about creativity. He'll deliver, he'll expand your expectations. Don can sense where you want to be, and he can get there with a description that you haven't thought about yet. Now don't you want to spend about 15 minutes with a writer and say, "Do you know what I want?" and then have that writer smile and say, "I'm already there." DC can do that for you. I know. I've been there. - Don Olson, Chief Operating Officer/Dragonfly Media LLC; former publisher/This Week magazine

Don Campbell's work is phenomenal. He always strives to turn out the highest work and often does so within tight timeframes. Just last week I called him to enlist his help developing a case study for a technology trade publication. It was due the next day. After a few minutes on the phone, Don knew exactly what I was looking for and completed it within hours. Moreover he has a great sense of humor and a wonderfully positive outlook. He is remarkable. - Colleen Moffitt, Communiqué Public Relations

For years Don Campbell has been one of the Oregonian's MVP freelancers, tackling plum assignments (as well as a few Alan Jackson concerts) with the professionalism, enthusiasm and a dedication to the highest writing standards. - Grant Butler, Oregonian A&E Editor